Gators stick at No. 4 in BCS, up to No. 5 in polls

By Adam Silverstein
November 25, 2012

The Florida Gators remained at No. 4 when the seventh edition of the BCS standings were announced Sunday night. Florida, with a .888 (+.045), checked in behind undefeated Notre Dame and the participants in the 2012 SEC Championship, Alabama and Georgia. The Gators are one of six SEC teams in the top 10.

Florida went 4-1 against the top 13 teams in the BCS with victories over No. 7 LSU, No. 9 Texas A&M, No. 10 South Carolina and No. 13 Florida State. Its sole loss this season came at the hands of No. 3 UGA, which it is .003 points behind.

Early Sunday afternoon, the final regular season editions of the USA Today Coaches and Associated Press Top 25 polls were released with the Gators checking in as a unanimous top-five team following their big victory on Saturday.

Florida moved up one spot to No. 5 in the human polls. The Gators were awarded 1,265 voting points (+99) in the USA Today poll and 1,262 voting points (+91) in the AP top 25.

UF is also No. 5 in the Harris Poll, which is used to calculate the BCS standings.

Notre Dame, the only undefeated team in the country (aside from ineligible Ohio State), is now the near-unanimous No. 1 team nationally, receiving 116-of-119 first-place votes from the USA Today coaches and AP voters.

Though Florida is unlikely to have a spot in the national championship game when those participants are announced in two weeks, the Gators should finish in the top four of the BCS standings, guaranteeing them a bid to the Sugar Bowl.

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This Week 1-5: Notre Dame, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Oregon
6-10: Kansas State, LSU, Stanford, Texas A&M, South Carolina
11-15: Oklahoma, Nebraska, Florida State, Clemson, Oregon State
16-20: UCLA, Kent State, Texas, Michigan, Boise State
21-25: Northern Illinois, Northwestern, Oklahoma State, Utah State, San Jose State

Last Week 1-5: Notre Dame, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Oregon
6-10: Kansas State, LSU, Stanford, Texas A&M, Florida State
11-15: Clemson, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Oregon State
16-20: Texas, UCLA, Rutgers, Michigan, Louisville
21-25: Oklahoma State, Boise State, Kent State, Arizona, Washington

[EXPAND CLICK TO EXPAND and check out the rest of the top 25 polls.]USA TODAY COACHES POLL
This Week 1-5: Notre Dame (56), Alabama (2), Georgia (1), Oregon, Florida
6-10: LSU, Kansas State, Texas A&M, Stanford, South Carolina
11-15: Oklahoma, Florida State, Nebraska, Clemson, Boise State
16-20: UCLA, Oregon State, Northern Illinois, Kent State, Northwestern
21-25: Texas, Utah State, Louisville, Michigan, Rutgers

Last Week 1-5: Notre Dame (56), Alabama (2), Georgia (1), Oregon, Florida State
6-10: Florida, LSU, Kansas State, Clemson, Texas A&M
11-15: Stanford, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Texas
16-20: UCLA, Oregon State, Louisville, Rutgers, Michigan
21-25: Oklahoma State, Boise State, Northern Illinois, Mississippi State, Kent State

This Week 1-5: Notre Dame (60), Alabama, Georgia, Ohio State, Florida
6-10: Oregon, Kansas State, Stanford, LSU, Texas A&M
11-15: South Carolina, Oklahoma, Florida State, Nebraska, Clemson
16-20: Oregon State, UCLA, Kent State, Northern Illinois, Utah State
21-25: Michigan, Northwestern, Texas, Oklahoma State, Boise State

Last Week 1-5: Notre Dame (60), Alabama, Georgia, Ohio State, Oregon
6-10: Florida, Kansas State, LSU, Texas A&M, Oregon, Florida State
11-15: Stanford, Clemson, South Carolina, Oklahoma, UCLA
16-20: Oregon State, Nebraska, Texas, Louisville, Michigan
21-25: Rutgers, Oklahoma State, Kent State, North Illinois, Mississippi State/Utah State

* Numbers in parenthesis represent first-place votes.[/EXPAND]


  1. Tractorr says:

    If Bama loses in the SECCG is there any chance they stay ahead of us at 3?

    Off topic but was Mack Brown inactive for the FSU game?

  2. obgator says:

    It’s ridiculous for Oregon to be ahead of us in the human polls. These people obviously do not do their homework. Just compare who we beat to who has Oregon beat. Compare the losses and it’s not even close.

    • Tractorr says:

      You are correct it doesn’t make a lot of sense, but Oregon has flashy plays on Sportscenter every weekend and we don’t so the voters vote for them. Doesn’t matter that they play inferior competition and lost to a worse team.

  3. Aligator says:

    That is why the computer picks us so high and why we will be going to a BCS game.

  4. Mr2Bits says:

    If these polls were really accurate and based on the actual games played on the field it would be:

    1) ND
    2) UGA
    3) UF
    4) Bama

    We should actually be ahead of UGA on strength of Schedule but they beat us so that’s a hard pill to swallow.

  5. Gators22 says:

    The BCS was set up to determine the BEST two teams.. NOT the best two conference champions or, in this case, singular conference champion vs an “at large” Notre Dame team. And, playing the #1 most difficult schedule should count for something. Florida’s one loss was against highest ranked team (Georgia) and not at home. Florida’s four wins against Top 10 BCS teams (two on the road) is much better than the anyone else’s….one win, and deserving of #2 at this point.

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