Gators block each other, Maye eye gouge caught

By Adam Silverstein
November 27, 2013

Two pieces of media uncovered early this week point out a pair of interesting moments from the Florida Gators‘ embarrassing loss to Georgia Southern last Saturday.

The first video, which shows redshirt senior center Jonotthan Harrison and redshirt junior wide receiver Quinton Dunbar locked up and blocking each other on a jet sweep that actually results in senior wide receiver Solomon Patton rushing for first down, provides a bit of comic relief (albeit plenty of mockery as well from opposing fans) following a weekend of misery for the Gators football program.

“It’s Quinton, you know, and he’s coming down and he’s cracking on a ‘backer, and then also with the reverse, we had a guy pulling. The only thing I’d say is, hey, I know what Jon was doing, he’s trying to get around. I guess I’d tell Quinton to keep his eyes open a little bit,” explained offensive coordinator Brent Pease, who admitted to watching the play numerous times and finding a bit of humor in the folly.

“Sometimes you have to laugh. I mean, I’m just like that is… C’mon.”

It is quite obvious that ESPN analyst Cris Carter felt the same way considering he chose it as his moment of the week for the network’s popular “C’mon Man” segment.

Check out the incident involving Maye after the break!

On Tuesday, photographer Steven Johnson, who was shooting during Saturday’s game for, captured some still shots of redshirt freshman safety Marcus Maye appearing to eye gouge an opposing player after making a tackle (left-to-right).

Though the maneuver looks blatant in pictures, with Maye appearing to check and see if anyone’s looking before reaching down, video of the play is much less conclusive.


  1. Nick Norris says:

    He ought to send the clip to Wide World of Wrestling. They are looking for guys who can eye gouge.

  2. gatorboi352 says:

    To hell with this season.

  3. Sharon M. says:

    I am 1000% sure Muschamp and Pease have to go or UF may have another year like this. This seems as low as it gets.

    UF has the talent, the money and it deserves a team that is at improving and competitive. Muschamp and run this program into the ground>. In any other industry both of them would be gone.

    Are Machen and Foley looking at the same reality the fans are?

  4. Alex says:

    Laughing stock of the SEC and the NCAA

  5. Julio says:

    I’m very disappointed that you would report the supposed “eye gouging” by Maye. The screencaps clearly show that Maye is in the process of hurrying to get up so the defense can get set for the next play, especially given the time left in the game. The video is even more proof of that.

    • The purpose of including the video was to show that the widely-assumed eye gouge may be incorrect and unfair. That was the whole point of including the video.

      • collegeballdude says:

        i think the title was a bit misleading if the intent were to show it was questionable…..”maye eye gouge caught” makes it sound like he was busted…..

  6. SW FL Joe says:

    Nothing about losing at home to a bad FCS team is funny, its embarrassing. And the fact that some on this team find it amusing shows that the players are OK with losing, and that is on the head coach and should never be tolerated at UF ever

    • SF Gator says:

      Lighten up, Francis. The fact that they got tangled up shows they were actually fighting hard on the play, they just got tangled up. What are they supposed to do, get 40 lashes each for having a little mixup? It is just another ridiculous situation in a ridiculous season but if you can’t laugh at that, as a player, coach or fan, then you are a little too tightly wound up. Don’t forget this isn’t life and death.

  7. collegeballdude says:

    anyone who ever played football, even at the high school level, knows how that can happen. i was a pulling guard and if the wide out misses his crack block on the DE, then suddenly looks up a pulling guard or tackle might be right in his face. i think Dunbar actually was likely just trying to get the hell out of the way but couldn’t. its certainly not supposed to happen and is embarrassing but it can and does…..

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