Florida Gators still trying to figure out what they’re getting from Jim McElwain

By Adam Silverstein
November 27, 2016
Florida Gators still trying to figure out what they’re getting from Jim McElwain

Call it a fluke if you want. Maybe dumb luck. Perhaps a break. Or an accident. But what is now clear one week after Florida’s gutty win over LSU made it look like the Gators were a program on the rise is that Florida remains mired in the inconsistency and disastrous offensive play that got Will Muschamp fired.

Sure, the Gators proved the doubters wrong and won the SEC East again. They will be advancing to the SEC Championship Game in back-to-back years for the first time since Urban Meyer and Tim Tebow were in town.

But those crowns are at least somewhat fraudulent. They come during a time when the SEC East — as evidenced Saturday and all season — is at one of the lowest points in its history. And they come from a team that looks mostly unchanged — at least on the field — from the one left by the embattled coach loved by the Florida administration but loathed by the fans.

Head coach Jim McElwain has achieved this success by riding some truly superb defensive recruiting by his predecessor. Muschamp was fired not because he couldn’t recruit or coach that side of the ball but due to the fact that the Gators were so inept schematically and understaffed personnel-wise on offense — not to mention the overall lack of confidence in the coach — that a change simply had to be made.

That’s why McElwain was hired. For his plan, yes, but more specifically for his offense.

Yes, there have been hiccups — scratch that — some hiccups, some unmitigated disasters. McElwain took over a team without an offensive line. He developed the quarterback Florida had been begging to find for over five-plus seasons only to see him suspended for using a banned substance. His top playmaker, a three-star freshman looking like a breakout star for the Gators, was suspended the entire offseason while dealing with a distracting legal issue. He entered a season with two transfers (a former walk-on and a flame-out at Purdue) and two freshmen at quarterback. He lost a transfer playmaker who was supposed to be a difference-maker the first game of the season. And he’s seen his “chosen” quarterback injured twice (three times if you include his confidence) while his somewhat-improving offensive line has been decimated by injuries.

Those are the reasons. Or the excuses. Whatever you want to call them.

But here are the facts.

Unlike a number of other major college football programs — Alabama, Georgia, Florida State and Texas, just to name a few — McElwain seemingly had no interest in trying to win with a freshman quarterback when it has been perfectly clear the transfers were not working out. That either speaks to an issue of recruiting — not finding players talented enough to play right away — or development. And considering both signal callers enrolled early, well, as McElwain himself likes to say, they’re not even freshmen anymore.

McElwain can keep saying the future is bright for the Gators, but how can that be the case when the side of the ball he was hired to fix is worse than it was in Muschamp’s final season?

Oh, you don’t believe me? While Florida has improved to 82nd nationally in passing offense (106th in 2014), it is down to 98th in rushing offense (43rd), 89th in scoring offense (56th) and 103rd in total offense (96th).

Even if you take opponents, schedules and injuries into consideration, that’s at best a dead heat.

Then compare that to what some coaches like Justin Fuente (Virginia Tech), Pat Narduzzi (Pitt) and Dino Babers (Syracuse) have done to fix offenses at programs with historically less talent. And that’s just in the ACC.

If you want to throw out the hard numbers, you can just use your eyes. You saw Florida go 0-for-12 on third downs against Florida State. You’ve seen UF struggle to score in the second half at Tennessee, post 13 points at Vanderbilt, go for just 10 at Arkansas, and squeak by with 20 and 16 in wins over South Carolina and at LSU before putting just 13 on the board at FSU. Actually, special teams scored all 13 with two field goals, a fumble return touchdown on a punt and an extra point.

Florida is also 4-4 against its rivals under McElwain (0-2 vs. Florida State, 2-0 vs. Georgia, 1-1 vs. Tennessee, 1-1 vs. LSU), with one win against a ranked rival in those eight games and only two victories over ranked opponents in as many seasons.

So what happens next season when Muschamp’s defensive recruits are basically all gone? There have been some bright spots with McElwain-recruited players on both sides of the ball, just not the kind of young players that necessarily scream out that they’re going to be sure-fire stars the way guys did under Muschamp and Urban Meyer before him.

The Gators’ poor play has been the main reason recruiting has been slow for McElwain — wins and success help with momentum and interest — but it remains accurate that his first full class ranked 12th nationally, while his incoming crop is currently 18th behind Washington (same number of commits) as well as Miami, Maryland and South Carolina (each with 5-6 more).

Georgia, where Kirby Smart put together a Muschamp-ian first season, is currently third. Alabama is first, LSU fifth, Texas A&M ninth, Auburn 11th and Tennessee 12th … putting Florida in at eighth in the SEC and behind both of its nonconference rivals in Florida State and Miami.

The recruiting momentum swung sharply to the Seminoles when Jimbo Fisher took over, but Muschamp at least held his own defensively. McElwain is not exactly swinging it back in the Gators’ direction these days.

No, Saturday was not a good night for Florida football.

The McElwain era, while resulting in new facilities and raised optimism for the program, has not yet delivered on the folksy coach’s boisterous promises and trust-me-I-have-a-secret-plan-it-will-work attitude.

Not when the offense continues to fail to make progress and the same questions are being asked for the sixth straight year. And not when 2016 is beginning to mirror 2015 except with an additional regular-season loss — to Tennessee, for the first time since 2004.

There are fair excuses to be made but there are also reasonable achievements expected to be met, just as there were under Muschamp.

Let’s just say that McElwain still has plenty of work to do.


  1. Mg says:

    Adam, you are the voice of reason in a politically correct way. I will say it bluntly. Mcelwain is not getting it done with xs and O’s, and fails miserably in recruiting. He should be out after next year but probably gets 4. Leaving us to struggle for at least 5 more years. Sad state of affairs for what should be a national power program.

  2. Mike says:

    We won’t get anyone good if we fire a coach for 2 or 3 loss regular seasons who has taken us to two division titles. Time for a reality check. The program is not where we want it, but we need to ride it out.

  3. Matt says:

    Beating LSU was a fantastic road victory but Florida was outgained 423 yds to 270 yds, better than 85% of the time, LSU would have won. Of Florida’s 270 yds, 98 came on one play. LSU had a red zone fumble at UF’s 5, a missed FG, a fumble on a KO return that set us up for a FG’S and UF had the goaline stand. All of those scenarios were positve for UF. Mcelwain said after the game:”they got what they deserved and if should have been worse”..What a foolish thing to say when you were out gained by 150+ yards. So LSU was a great win but a bit of an outlier, and LSU would have won 85+% of the time. The Gators won by having 4 critical plays all go their way, that will rarely occur. It didn’t occur against FSU and we are left with what is the stark reality of this team. The Gators have one of the worst offenses in the Nation, again. Muschamp defensive players have been the reason for the marginal success Mcelwain has enjoyed the last 2 seasons, once those players are gone, the Gators will have what? Most likely, an offense that is still poor and a defense that is declining rapidly. That will get you maybe 5 wins, a losing record. Exactly, what has Mcelwain brought to the table? A patronizing, fake and, at times, angry attitude with no solutions.. Keep wearing that look coach…5 million a year for that? Not a great deal for the University of Florida is it?

  4. Keith says:

    If we were to upset Bama next week, would you feel the same way? We brought in two QB’s from other programs to help jump start the offense. It didn’t work, but conversely, if it had, McElwain would be considered a genius. I believe, he saw that the “East” was down this year and knew to beat Bama he needed experience because we have talent. Trying to do this with a true freshman gets you to 9-3 or 8-4 (look at FSU). Instead he rolled the dice and came up empty. The guys you saw on the “o” line last night, will be stars in the near future. The amount of experience they’re getting due to injuries will pay us dividends. The question remains is, will it be Trask or Franks next season. We will have an experienced enough line to give the time to develop. Lets wait and see before we decide to throw the coach under the bus. For the record, my favorite all time coach of UF, “Spurrdog”, went 1-1-3 in his first five season @ UF. My point, is Coach Mc, has non nemesis to speak of in the SEC or anywhere else, except for FSU and Fisher (like Spurrier & Bowden). Spurrier offense is no comparisons, but he still struggled to be Bowden. We’re 8-3 and going to the SEC Championship, again….Slow and steady wins the race. Go Gators!

    • If Florida beats this Alabama team, McElwain should get a statue.

    • Fatback says:

      If…If my aunt had balls she’d be my uncle. Pretty sure she doesn’t, LSU shit the bed and Alabama is gonna beat us like a red headed step child. Opening game next year, after another mediocre recruiting class, we’re gonna hear all about Harbaugh and Mac, a tale of two cities, both in the exact same situation 2 yrs ago and both in very different places now. Sad but true. I think Mac needs to fire Nuss, Nord and Summers, re-tool with younger open-it-up type guys and let Franks start slingin it around. Probably won’t be terribly successful but he’ll have the freshmen excuse, just needs to incite some hope. D is gonna take a step back next year, if Mac doesn’t do something drastic to shift the blame/focus and create excitement our new AD is gonna get tested…

  5. Rich says:

    Nobody takes losses worse than me. I’m a Lifelong Gator fan who attended my first game in 1982. In other words I’ve seen a lot of Gator teams.

    0-12 on 3rd down is unacceptable, what the hell happened to our tempo from our very first drive?

    Mac appears to be a good coach and CEO of the Football team. He however needs to get progressively better in recruiting. Florida sells itself. We need to be in the top 10 every season if not higher.

    LDR and Appleby are exactly what other team’s coaches anonymously said in the preseason. Back ups QB’s who hopefully can manage a game but that’s about the best you can expect out of them.

    Why we didn’t try one of the Freshman QB is beyond me. What would it hurt? However with our thin OL I’m not sure any QB could have survived last night.

    Here is the bottom line, even With all the obstacles and injuries we went into the game last night with 2 losses. We won the East, yes it’s a shitty division but we won it. Half our defense is out. Our OL is depleted. Even FSU has 3 losses. Let’s give Mac a couple of more seasons. His record is good, he’s 2-0 winning the East.

    I’m concerned about recruiting and I need to see major improvement on offense. However, the depth problems and QB situation isn’t fixed quickly and easily.

    I think we are heading in the right direction and I’m certain that once we get our QB situation handled we will see major improvement on offense

    • Joe Marks says:

      Mac was screwed by Grier. It set the program back a year. He certainly wasn’t going to throw either true freshman to the wolves behind an offensive line that was a huge question mark to start the season and destroy their confidence. He had to look for experienced QB’s to bring in and his only choices were the 2 rejects he got. People want to act like he hand picked these guys specifically to run his offense. Not true at all, he took what he could get and it didn’t work out as far as progressing the offense. The fact that they were still able to win the East is huge! I don’t care how down the East is, he still won it back to back, something the much more talented Vols couldn’t even do once. The offensive line is a hell of a lot better than it was last year. They’re loaded at WR and Scarlett and Perine are beasts. With as much playing time as some guys, who would’ve never seen the field this year if not for an abnormal amount of injuries had, they’re going to be 3 deep at every position next year. If one of his actual hand picked guys at QB works out, they’re going to be a strong team next year. Give the guy a chance and don’t blame him for a player screwing over the entire program!

      • Matt says:

        You got that backwards Joe. Grier was screwed by Mcewain…Mcelwain was too stupid and arrogant to realize that he needed Grier more than Grier needed him.m

  6. JamesInFWB says:

    Still amazed Foley took another gamble that isn’t paying off. The new AD has some big decisions to make down the road, even if Mac fires his staff, it’s too late to fix the recruiting problem and will likely further stall offenseive production having to learn another offense. Can’t even imagine what we could look like with Grier under center as good as things we’re looking midway last season.

  7. Oldflyer says:

    I really haven’t cared much for McElwaine’s demeanor from the very beginning; but, it is a little early to start seriously throwing stones over his results.

    Admittedly, some of it has been baffling. I watched the second half of the UT game from a bar in Oregon–missed the first half. It was almost unbelievable. But, I do recall Spurrier’s guys blowing a huge lead to Bowden’s fine Christian boys. (I watched that from a bar in the keys; maybe I should stay out of bars when the Gators play.) The loss to Arkansas was almost equally bizarre.

    The news on the recruiting front is the most troubling. Last I looked there was one OL committed; and classes ranked 12th to 18th just are not going to compete against the best of the SEC and FSU.

    He apparently did what Muschamp could not do, and got Foley to break loose a bundle of money for facilities. Maybe WM’s much maligned comparison to Auburn’s facilities had a beneficial effect.

    I am not sold on JM’s staff. I wonder if there will be some off-season changes?

  8. Jemery says:

    Mac still gets another 2 years. I think he has brought in some really good talent (except the Oline) but just needs a QB to step up and be the guy. I think Franks or Allen will finally give us that. Only time will tell though. Go Gators.

  9. Michael Jones says:

    I’m with Mike, Keith and Rich. Muschamp left that offense, especially the O-line and QB position, in shambles. Yeah, Mac might have inherited the D, but he also inherited the O. It’s going to take a bit to right this ship.

    Will Grier was magical and wish he was still here. . but he’s not. It’s going to take awhile to develop the QB and O-line positions. ANY incoming coach deserves 4 years.

    Like Keith said: slow and steady wins the race.

    • Alex says:

      Other than the Ole Miss Game I do not think he was magical. He certainly wouldve been a better option than the two back up QBs we have now, however, let’s not rewrite the history books either. He struggled against East Carolina, Mizzou and UK, tremendously and we beat UT on a once in a life time effort play from Callaway and Powell(he blocked two defenders)

      • Michael Jones says:

        Yes, let’s definitely not rewrite history. We must have been watching two different QB’s, although I’m familiar with our propensity to immediately start downgrading a player as soon as he leaves our program. Grier was M-A-G-I-C-A-L. Undefeated too. We’ll just have to agree to disagree, but I’ll bet you’d love to have him back, wouldn’t you?

      • Oldflyer says:

        Guess you missed the 4th qtr of the UT game. I would call that magical. Ranks just behind Tebow’s magic against ‘Bammer.

        One wonders why JM did not look at what he had at QB this year, and tell Grier, that yes the starting job will be yours to lose when you come back. From everything I have heard, Grier made an honest, youthful mistake and the NCAA over reacted–as they often do–except when certain favored schools are involved. (Assuming it was a 1st offense) UF could have salvaged his career and benefited down the stretch of this season. Water over the dam. I cringe to think of next week–and please, not Michigan in the bowl game.

  10. Alex says:

    This team will not beat Bama, it won’t even be close.

    Also, we just lost our 4-star DT to Pedobear State. Yea, they are stealing our recruits, think about that. This is a MAJOR position of need and we just lost him to a school that harbored a pedophile for 30 years.

    We are irrelevant at this point. As a new AD, Strickland has a pass to clean house without receiving to much backlash. Mr. “My dog Clarabelle could be QB” is in way over his head, if you fail to see that then I don’t know what to tell you.

  11. Gator4Life says:

    O- line show improvement, Florida needs to get a dual threat playmaker at QB, and more depth is needed all around.

  12. Gator4Life says:

    O- line show improvement, Florida needs to get a dual threat playmaker at QB, and more depth is needed all around. Give Coach Mac a couple more years then see.

  13. Rakkasan says:

    Penn State was a program that may as well have been given the death penalty, but look how quickly Franklin turned them into Big 10 contenders, and a top ten program. Look how quick Meyer turned around Ohio State, and how quick Harbaugh turned Michigan into a top five team. Same with Jimbo Fisher at FSU. Other coaches are righting their respective ships while Mac has our Flagship university still stuck in the mud. The new AD didn’t hire Mac but I bet he gives him two more years. Having said that if recruiting continues to suck, and a few assistants aren’t replaced, he may be asked to resign before the end of next season.

    • Russ says:

      This is a great point.. But also as a PS fan, there was A LOT of noise to fire Franklin. That offers several was putrid, didn’t beat anyone of importance and home field wasn’t an advantage. It wasn’t until an a qb was found that everything stared clicking.

      Sound familiar?

  14. Steve says:

    Give Mac some more time. He flipped our awesome kicker Eddie P. from Alabama.
    He has brought in some underrated players on offense and defense.
    Having a Will Grier type quarterback would be huge for this team.
    Last year, Grier’s skill and quick decision making allowed Florida to be competitive.
    Against Alabama, Florida will need quick quarterback decisions and accurate throws to open receivers to have a chance of keeping it close.

  15. Barry says:

    But yest we are going back to Atlanta for the second time in two years. My how Gator fans are so quick to jump on the fire the coach bandwagon.

  16. Matt says:

    A few folks stating that Gator fans are too critical, quick to jump off the wagon, impatient, they claim a coach needs 3 or 4 years. Who came up with that, 4 years mantra? They act like coming to an assessment after 2 years is too quick. It isn’t. NCAA rosters turnover 30% of their althletes each year, so by the begining of year three, a Head Coach has very close a full roster under his tenure. He has now been HC for 2 years, he recruited at least 50% of the depth chart. The remaining players he didn’t recruit have been under his coaching for 2 years,it’s not as if they were not good players when Mcelwain inherited them. Judging by Mcelwain’s lack of recruiting success, the players he inherited are better than the players he could have recruited on his own. We can also assess the program by trend, upward,downward, or flat? Unfortunately, progress is either flat, or downtrending.

    • M. Palmer says:

      Agree with you Matt….3 yrs is enough. The program, & fans won’t take 2 more years of this mess.
      We all can identify the problems needed to be fixed: quarterback & recruiting at the top of the list. We need to see drastic improvement next season !!!!!!

  17. ChelseaGator says:

    It amazeseems me on how our fan base forgets that 2 years ago did not have enough players to even have a spring game. It takes more than 2 years to recruit up patience is what’s going to take I never even heard of Coach Mac but I have watched him and I think the players are behind him and the depth still is developing and one person said we needed to do threat quarterback well the two freshmen that will be playing next year both are doing and very big and rugged so have some patience that recruiting season isn’t even over till February and many a player have turned 2 years you cannot build a program no matter what and the coaches that were mentioned Harborough Urban Meyer who left us dry didn’t exactly step in the program said had no history just like us but they still had winning seasons so be patient Gator Nation. You can’t become a title Contender immediately when it covered was bear he needs at least two years and I think we’ll be just fine and I agree with one fan who said if you fire a coach who loses two or three games a year no coach will want to come to us because of the fan base. Our fan base is sounding like the Alabama fans and I live in Alabama now and they wanted to fire Nick Saban when he lost 3 games his third year.

  18. Jareduf says:

    Not sure why Mac would get a 4th year if this trend continues. Alabama is about to blow us out of the water and who knows what happens in the bowl game. Next year we lose a ton on defense and his recruiting has been bad for Florida standards. He hires Nuss as offensive coordinator coming off a terrible year at Michigan and they have shown no ability to improve the offense.

    How far do we have to fall behind before a change is made. At least Muschamp was a really good recruiter to warrant giving him a 4th year. After next year, that would be 7 consecutive seasons with a really bad offense.
    Can’t afford to wait much longer. If he plays Franks or 1 of the freshman and our offense shows life, i would give him a 4th year, but unless significant improvements are made next year, it will time to bring in an elite experienced coach and pay him whatever it takes to get him.

  19. ShadowGator says:

    Lets remember for all those who like Grier, Franks/Trask have followed the same path. One year of sitting and watching while redshirting… so maybe by the third game next year one will step up ad be the man… even with some errors here and there. As someone noted above… we need hope… a spark at QB.

    I don’t mind losing games next year if we are competitive and the future is bright, ala Georgia with Eason. If we enter 2017 with Del Rio as starting QB, I will watch the games… while playing some game on my phone. I am tired of watching inept offense… less than high school quality. I know the reasons, I understand what he inherited and I am not one for calling to fire Mac. But damn, something needs to change on the offensive side fo the ball in regards to coaches.

  20. UFGATORFAN100 says:

    Very plain an blunt: Mac and Nuss hired to fix an Offense which I would say is par or worse than Muschamp’s last team is unacceptable…. He is not completing the job that he was hired to do 0-12 on 3rd Down Unacceptable….. Not kicking a FG in First Drive of Game on Road unacceptable….

    • Matt says:

      Agreed Gatorfan100…Folks are acting like Gator fans are crazy and unreasonable to expect an offense that isn’t among the worst in the Nation!!!! Really? So the alternative is to say, ok, sure Florida is the flagship University of the state with the most football talent and despite that enormous advantage, Gator fans should not speak up and not only accept mediocrity but accept inferiority…Accept being an inferior offensive football team. A team that cannot move the sticks, cannot score, cannot create excitement, cannot, cannot do anything on that side of the ball!!! That’s bologna!!! This guy stammers and haws with his contrived and insincere verbage and mannerisms and expects us to buy his garbage..Buddy you ain’t in Montana anymore, and I don’t buy it. YOU AREN’T PRODUCING!! Imagine a salesman is hired to increase sales in a division, Mcelwain’s division was offense, well sales went down since he arrived…

  21. Fast freddie says:

    I have been a gator since birth, 4 generations. I have seen the gators the 50’s through today. Many of you were not around for many of those seasons, so some perspective is necessary.

    The hbc left for a number of reasons, among them the fans and their unrealistic expectations. If you go back the hbc recruited strongly but not at an elite level every year. He brought innovative concepts to the sec, and the defenses finally began making adjustments.

    Urban came in and recruited elite athletes, among them Hernandez. Won 2 national championships, and we were all ecstatic. When he left he said and I quote “the programs broke and needs fixing.” He was not speaking about athletic ability gentleman. Am I still proud of those national championships? No, the cost long term to the credibility and character of the university and program has been devastating. Call it the “urban curse.”

    Muschamp was asked to clean it up an rebuild. He began and made headway in some ways and not so much offensively. No one can deny that he cleaned up the mess fro urban.

    Coach mac comes in to take it to the next level, what would that be – yep Atlanta. End of the conversation. Which he has done 2 years in a row. Who was the last guy to do that? Yep, urban and before him the hbc.

    Now, here’s the facts – 46 of the 75 players are fresh and soph. At least 10 frossh are still redshirted, including 2 qb’s. our o line had to be rebuilt from scratch, most sec o lines are not made up of fr or Soph. The qb situation did not happen overnight, it took years to get us where we are and to think anyone can click their fingers and make magic is ludicrous, especially with the oline built brick by brick. The game is won and lost at the line of scrimmage. If we win there we win. The Great Wall of Florida circa ’84, took 3-4 years to build. The ’96 champs – great lines of scrimmage on both sides. Did either happen because the coaches added water and stirred- lots of time and losses by the way.

    So Adam – let me ask you – what was the last program you rebuilt or the last offense you retooled from scratch? I’m extremely disappointed in your vitriolic article and suggest you resign as a fan and reporter of the gator athletics.

    • Michael Jones says:

      Agree with everything in this well-written comment except for the part about asking for Adam’s resignation, lol. That part was a little extreme. But good points otherwise.

    • Nearly everything I’ve heard about this column is that it is fair and even-handed. I even spent a long paragraph noting every single thing McElwain has been up against since taking over Florida. So insinuating that I had malice behind my words is just flat-out wrong. That’s the first point I’ll make here.

      The second? I’m not a fan of “gator athletics,” at least not anymore. The day I started this site I became an impartial observer and journalist covering the team. While I did attend Florida, I’ve spent the last seven years running a completely unbiased Gators site that has defended and criticized coaches, players and administrators. In fact, I’ve likely taken stances on both sides of the same person — Amanda Butler being a great example.

      So to call for my “resignation” is truly hysterical. Further, I don’t think you realize the fact that this is basically a one-man show here. So you’re actually asking me to close the site. To which I say, :P.

  22. Matt says:

    Fast Freddie:
    Averaging 352.3 ypg in total offens is unacceptable..You guys and “your building the program up from nothing” are delusional. This is not an expansion team in the NFL, The Florida Gators have been playing football for 100 years before Mcelwain showed up. Please stop it with the he started with noting nonsensical talk. He was given the best defensive players in the nation VH3, #10 pick and Neal, #17… Tabor, Wilson, Davis, etc. His job was to show just some progress on offense, he failed, they got worse…He has brought nothing to the table..Florida is 114th nationallyrics in total offense..Stop saying he was given no players!!!! THAT IS GARBAGE!!!!!!

    • MAR says:

      We beat LSU with mostly Coach Mac players.
      McCoy, Reese, K Hohnson, Callaway, Appleby, Scarlett, Perine, CeCe, etc… His young talent has done pretty well. I like Coach Macs ability to evaluate. I feel the future is bright, especially with Franks starting next year. The offense will be much improved IMO.
      And I think the D will be young, but able to hole their own.
      My biggest disappointment was our lack of desire against FSU. We should’ve at least competed. Win or lose, that was all I wanted to see and didn’t see a lick of it. But I would give him two more years for sure as I have no doubt things will improve.

    • Michael L. Jones says:

      You’ve got to be more patient, man. Yeah, he was given great defensive players, nobody is disputing that, but the offensive cupboard was bare.

      Part of the problem is that we keep harping on how Mac needs to recruit better. . AND HE DOES. . but if you were a recruit reading these boards, AND THEY DO, would you want to come to a school where the fan base is calling for the coach’s head only two years after replacing one of our worst coaches ever? And having won the SEC East each of those years? With the fear that you won’t be playing for the guy who recruited you if you don’t win a National Championship every year?

      Kids don’t like coaching changes. If we want to do our part in helping Mac recruit better, we need to stop pitching temper tantrums every time that we don’t get instant gratification. Championship teams take time to build. Harbaugh came in to much better talent than McElwain did. The guy before could recruit but like Freeze and Miles, wasn’t much of a coach.

      Let’s all calm down! Because Gator Nation is legendary for acting spoiled, entitled and unrealistic. Let’s change that.

      Go Gators!!!

    • Deez says:

      Cool more players on D…. name the 1st rounders will left on offense?

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