SIX BITS: Marotti, Driskel, Meyer, rings, Tebow

By Adam Silverstein
November 30, 2011

1 » Now that Urban Meyer had donned the whistle for the Ohio State Buckeyes, it is time for him to fill up his staff. Meyer has already plucked director of football administration Mark Pantoni (who was reportedly fired from his post) from the Florida Gators and is not surprisingly trying to bring strength and conditioning coach Mickey Marotti along for the ride, too. Sources close to the program have confirmed to OGGOA that Marotti is leaning towards leaving Florida for Ohio State. Apparently a decision has already been made but has yet to be announced by one party or the other. Rumors are that Meyer is also looking to bring linebackers/special teams coach D.J. Durkin over to the Buckeyes though his former tight ends coach (now running backs coach) Brian White has already decided to stick with the Gators, according to ESPN.

2 » Despite freshman quarterback Jacoby Brissett passing him on the depth chart in the middle of the season, classmate Jeff Driskel is planning on staying right where he is to compete for Florida’s starting job in 2012. “Great to be a gator. Here for the long run,” he tweeted on Monday. Driskel’s father also told ESPN that his son has not even considered leaving the program. “Jeff wants to be the quarterback at Florida,” Jerry Driskel told the network by text. “That has never changed.”

3 » The News-Journal‘s cartoonist Andy Marlette created the following piece of art, depicting Meyer running away from The Swamp off to his new job with Ohio State.

[EXPAND Click to expand and see the cartoon as well as three other BITS.]

4 » Former Gators reserve offensive lineman Brad Hiers’s home was burglarized and a pair of national championship rings were stolen on Nov. 20, according to News Channel 8. He reported the break-in to police and has been calling pawn shops in hopes of finding his rings and getting them returned to him. “My hope is that people will talk about it. And then say, ‘Oh yeah, I know those are stolen’ and at least have a heart and get ‘em back somehow,” he told the station. He also said he is not inclined to simply order replacements, which do not hold the same sentimental value.

5 » According to beat writer Evan Woodbery, Florida head coach Billy Donovan’s daughter Hasbrouck, a champion rider, has committed to attend Auburn and compete with the school’s equestrian team. Hasbrouck has already accomplished plenty in her young career and won a number of tournaments including some this year.

6 » Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow had the top selling NFL jersey for months after being drafted in 2010. Now that he is the (somewhat) permanent starter and Denver is winning, his jersey sales have begun rocketing up the charts once again. Tebow had the second-best selling jersey among NFL players last week, according to CNBC’s Darren Rovell and how has the sixth-best selling jersey this year (beginning in April).[/EXPAND]


  1. John S says:

    Glad to hear Driskel is sticking with the program. While Brissett looked comfortable moving around in the pocket, he certainly didn’t look comfortable throwing the ball. I wonder if Driskel’s legs could have gotten another TD against FSU.

    I do wonder of Marotti leaving is potentially a good thing. He doesn’t look very driven in his interviews, it just seems like he’s going through the motions these days. I get that his former players like him, but I wonder if he hasn’t work as hard developing relationships with the current roster.

  2. JamieF says:

    Glad driskel is staying, but I have my doubts how he’ll ever fit in with a “Weis based” offense, since it seems that his only concern is improving the guy he recruited..Brissett. I think majority would agree that Driskel is a lot more athletic and being a dual threat vs 1 dimensional as Jacoby, keeps the defenses on their toes..just watch Tebow in the pros if you disagree! But yet Weis seems uninterested.

  3. g8ter27 says:

    I want to see one of 3 things next year. 1) gators win or are close in every game with 1 qb 2) both qbs are given a chance to play next year 3) if neither of the first two then Weiss out of here. Anyone who is a patriots fan for any length of time knows that he is arrogant and that despite something he does not working, he continues to do it just to show you he is calling the shots…yeah yeah I know he has the rings but he also had amazing talent during that run. Look at what Bill B. does with the talent he has now. Most of his guys are under sized and throw aways from other teams and he continues to win with them…but I digress, Great that Driskell is staying and that he is a competitor, think he will be great here in G’ville. Go Gators!

    • gatormiami says:

      Driskel definitely got screwed over this year…. on only in relief & vs Bama passed well despite drops. His interception should have been caught for a Gator TD! That changes EVERYTHING….. Wouldn’t blame him for leaving.

  4. Mike R. says:

    Driskell was hurt in the Bama game, same injury as Brantley, just not as severe. Still, hindered his progress. He will be the starter next year.

  5. npgator says:

    Gotta love Driskell’s attitude! I am sure he will have a chance next season to be the starter.

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