ESPN going all-in with Tim Tebow on Wednesday

By Adam Silverstein
December 6, 2011

ESPN announced Tuesday that the network has decided to spend one full hour of SportsCenter on Wednesday (2-3 p.m.) highlighting, discussing and debating one man – Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow.

The hour, which is expected to feature at least 10 separate segments on Tebow, will cover the NFL’s most debated player from a number of angles.

There will be highlights of his fourth-quarter comebacks, a live report from the Broncos facility, a touchscreen segment, a feature from Ed Werder “Winning the Tebow Way,” a top 10 consisting of Tebow’s greatest moments, and a segment dedicated to his fantasy football impact. ESPN will also have former players and current NFL analysts debating Tebow’s development on the field as well as his future in Denver.

OGGOA will feature live coverage of TebowCenter for the entire one-hour period on Wednesday via Twitter with a complete recap here on


  1. sjkoepp says:

    ESPN is going to kill Tebow with all of this publicity. People are going to be so sick and tired of hearing about him. I’m a huge Tebow fan, but I feel like this is too much. It’s not fair to him to have ESPN talking about him every singe chance they get just to boost ratings.

  2. Razzlegator says:

    It will take a whole lot more than ESPN to kill Timmy T. Krytonite, thy name is ESPN; NOT! (Ratings? 2pmEST Wed? You’re killing me!)

  3. SaraGator says:

    I wish they would leave him alone and let him play ball. But then he has never shied away from publicity and gives a LOT of interviews.

    I hope he keeps proving his critics wrong and just win… baby!

  4. Brian Mex says:

    Yup, what he said

  5. David says:

    I agree 100%… This is too much

  6. GatorsAlumLA says:

    I do not understand why the evil four letter is doing this.

  7. dustin says:

    Tebow’s people signed off on this, twitter is hammering him the hardest yet after the first promo aired

  8. Reggie says:

    This is beyond stupid.I cant take hearing his name every second

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