Florida loses pledge from LB Quinton Powell

By Adam Silverstein
December 10, 2012

Just one day after four-star linebacker Matt Rolin (Ashburn, VA) committed to play for the Florida Gators in 2013, fellow four-star LB Quinton Powell (Daytona Beach, FL) chose to rescind his pledge and officially reopen his recruitment.

“Yes I Decommited from Florida,” Powell wrote Monday on Facebook, “nothing against the program just needed to re-evaluate my choices.”

One of the earliest members of Florida’s 2013 class, Powell was one of six players to commit to the program on Feb. 18 at Junior Day in Gainesville, FL.

At the time, he picked the Gators over Clemson, Florida State, Miami, Ohio State and South Carolina. He is now considering USC, Miami and Oregon, according to FOX Sports NEXT reporter Amy Campbell, who first confirmed his decision.

Considered the 207th best player in the country by Rivals and ranked 80th nationally by ESPN, Powell had just visited Florida last weekend and reportedly came away from his visit quite pleased with his experience.

Whether Rolin’s commitment has anything to do with Powell’s decision remains to be seen. Either way, the Gators’ impressive linebacker class – which featured a four-pack of four-star players – has certainly taken a hit for the time being.

Three of the six players that committed to Florida on Feb. 18 – Powell, four-star wide receiver Rodney Adams (St. Petersburg, FL) and three-star LB Dillan Lawson (Crestview, FL) – have since withdrawn their pledges.

The Gators added three commitments on Sunday but now have 24 total pledges including 23 that count as members of the 2013 recruiting class.


  1. Ben Gator says:

    I’d rather have Powell than Rolin. Big, slow, white out of state LBs don’t excite me. Plus Mainland HS is a football factory. Leonard Williams was awesome as a true frosh this year at SoCal. We need to get that pipeline coming to UF!

    • GatorKen says:

      white means slow huh? I’m pretty sure the white kid here has a faster 40. But some of us would rather have a kid who wants to be a Gator and is not going to run from competition. Powell sat pretty till he realized he’d have to work for a spot.

      • scooterp says:

        Its a pretty cowardly thing to hurl insults at a 17 year old, when your behind a keyboard. Particularly when the kid has been very open and honest about his intentions all along…… 200lb is on the smaller side, but so was JHC, last year, and J. Jenkins when he was a HS senior….. and Jeremi Powell just one an award for best scout player and he was 190 soaking wet. packing on 20 pounds is not that difficult in the right program, besides Q Powell has a big frame. The kid will 225-230 by his Junior year easily….wherever he plays.

    • Michael Jones says:

      White? Did you actually say “white?” And just how slow is he? Do you even know his speed, or are you just stereotyping against white athletes? You got to love ignorance and open racism against white kids. I just wish your name didn’t have “Gator” in it, because you’re not one . . . . bigot. Apparently he was fast enough and good enough to scare off Powell, now wasn’t he?

      • Ben Gator says:

        Wow, seriously? I’m a bigot for pointing out that UF hasn’t had a white LB play significant minutes since James Bates in 1996? In fact, I can’t think of a really good white LB in the SEC recently at all. So in my simple mind there is probably something to that. Add in the fact that we have not have a good track record recruiting guys from the mid-Atlantic and northeast areas either and again in my simple mind I think I would have rather had the FL kid Powell. But as I posted, I trust the evaluation process of Champ and staff and will be a vocal supporter of Matt Rolin and all other Gators. Go Gators!

  2. David says:

    That is a racist statement if I ever heard one

    • afreshup says:

      I am so f*cking sick of every idiot in America taking anything that has to do with race or race comparison and attributing it to racism!!!!! STFU already.

      • 1993Gator says:

        @afreshup Sorry, big and slow are OK, but when you throw in skin color that IS racist. Ability isn’t dictated by the color of your skin. What are your requirements for a statement to be racist?

      • Michael Jones says:

        Hey, STFU, you sound like a real rocket scientist. The remark was racist. Period. I agree that a lot of stuff out there is labeled “racist” when obviously it’s not, but including the kid’s skin color as a reason that you would prefer another recruit is racist, plain and simple, so YOU STFU.

  3. Newk44 says:

    I like Rolin he’s got a lot of instinct .

  4. ulysses1221 says:

    LB Quinton Powell (Daytona Beach Mainland): “I had a great trip. It was the first time I actually stayed in Gainesville for more than a day, and it was an awesome experience. I loved everything — going to coach Muschamp’s house, seeing the environment, interacting with the players on a personal level and of course being around the commits.” ( Talking about his visit this past weekend ).

    Matt Rolin commits to the gators and then Quinton decommits.
    Scared of competition and i as a gators fan. i dont want kids like him in a gators uniform, Go gators.

    • kb_gators says:

      Agree. I think it’s totally about being afraid of competition. He is welcome to compete, but you have to prove yourself.

  5. gatorbkp says:

    This sucks! I was looking forward to my hometown product coming to play for us, but then again a lot of people I know from Daytona are FSU or Miami fans so in sure he’s been influenced by some of those dummies. Hope he reconsiders

  6. Ben Gator says:

    Ha! Not racist, just stating my opinion. I can’t recall the last good white LB we had. James Bates?? I hope the kid turns out but I won’t hold my breath. Recruiting is a strange game. Maybe this means we are still in play for Trey Johnson.

    • MAR says:

      Relating ability to skin color is racist and brings a lack of integrity to this comment section. We Gator grads are above such discrimination. There are great linebackers of many ethnic origins all over the country.

    • Michael Jones says:

      So you think that’s justification for making a comment like that? And based on that rationale, do you also think that we shouldn’t recruit black quarterbacks? How about Scott Brantley? Was he a good enough white linebacker for you, genius?

      • Ben Gator says:

        Scot Brantley?! Let’s see, when did he play LB at UF? Oh yeah, the 1970s! Thanks Einstein, you just proved my point.

        • Michael Jones says:

          You know what, dude? You’re right. I don’t think Muschamp should recruit any more white linebackers. God forbid that he signed somebody like Brian Urlacher, Luke Kuechly, or Brian Cushing. That would really suck.

          As a matter of fact, it would probably be better if he got rid of all the white players altogether. Maybe come out and publicly state that’s the new Gator recruiting platform: no more white players. You’re the kind of guy that Jordy Nelson and other white skill players talk about when they refer to the stereotypes that make it harder for a white kid to break into one of the skill positions.

          Note to recruits and their parents: this clown DOES NOT speak for Gator Nation.

          • Ben Gator says:

            Dude, get your damned panties out of their wad.

            • Michael Jones says:

              Ha ha . . great comeback. I guess the best defense for ignorant remarks and a selective memory is to claim that the other guy has his “panties in a wad.” Why does that not surprise me? I think I’m done here. Everything that needs to be said has been said.

  7. IB1stUB2nd says:

    If you’re SCARED Powell, CALL THE POLICE?!?!?!

  8. Jd says:

    Watch the highlight tape and tell me Powell is more athletic than Rolin. That was a racist statement. Think Powell is better because he’s black? You obviously didnt watch The Opening because a WHITE BOY posted the highest SPARQ rating in history. So please, stfu.

  9. Jd says:

    Oh and I absolutely believe it was about competition. As soon as there is competition on the roster he wants to ditch out. I agree that if he’s scared to compete and earn his starting role I dont want him taking up a scholarship because he’ll be a transfer anyways. I’ll take what Rod Johnson said whe he was asked if Trenton Brown’s commitment made him think twice about committing. He said, “No I’m not scared to compete, it’ll just make me work that much harder”. That’s what I want in the Orange and Blue.

  10. kyuzo says:

    It’s all good. If he doesn’t want to be a gator, let him leave. I would rather have a kid work hard and complete than one that looks for easy playing time. From what I read, seems like he’s afraid of competition.

  11. Ben Gator says:

    I’ve seen Powell play in person several times. He’s a fast, physical, sideline to sideline LB who can cover and hits like a truck. He plays in one of the highest classifications in FL HS football. Again, tell me the last good white LB to play for UF? Or any SEC school?? Rolin looks like a football player, but I would question his level of competition up there. Perhaps he will grow into a DE or play TE, but I doubt he ever sees significant PT at LB. Maybe that is what the staff is thinking. That’s not racist, that’s reality in the SEC. So go ahead and pour yourself a nice warm cup of stfu.

    • Alex says:

      Racism: a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement.

      So yeah, that is actually racist. There’s a good number of white linebackers in the NFL who seem to have done ok as athletes. Sure, it’s obvious that the majority of skilled guys in college football are black, but saying that a kid CAN’T SUCCEED IN THE MIGHTY GLORIOUS SEC simply because he is white, without even watching his tape, without learning that he turns the same 40 time as the other kid and is physically larger – that meets the basic definition of racism.

      Have a nice day.

  12. Donnie wise says:

    It has more to do with the fact that regardless of how good he is in highschool he only weighs 190 pounds and isn’t seeing the field this year anyway. He’s mentioned playing as a freshman alot and after the banquet was very pleased with everything Florida had to offer. He most likely realized that he was redshirting and doesn’t want to do that. Don’t be shocked when he goes to southern cal and is on the field next year. They can put him in right away and not be any worse than this year. There building from ground up where at Florida he is a small piece to the depth puzzle. And to the slow white kid comment, you need to watch rolin’s tape and revise the comment. There’s not to many jelani Jenkins linebackers in the world in regards to speed. Rolin will redshirt this year due to injury and see the field in 2014.

  13. joe says:

    Good luck Quinton. USC is replacing its DC, Miami is a mess and Oregon doesn’t play defense. You could be playing for a top 5 defense but you chose the path of least resistance.

  14. Joshua says:

    The kid is going to go wherever he wants and that’s fine. This a big decision for him and we should respect that. Florida will be fine with or without him. Let’s ease up on the “afraid of competition” routine, because none of you honestly know what he’s going to do or why he’s going to do it. Muschamp is putting together a top notch class and to dwell on one kid decomitting is a waste of time, in my humble opinion. Relax, my friends… Let’s see how this class turns out. I have a feeling it’ll be one of the best classes in UF history… IT’S GREAT TO BE A FLORIDA GATOR!!!

  15. g8ter27 says:

    I agree that this kid should do what he thinks is best for him and go where he wants. That being said, FSU lost its D coordinator and does not look to be heading in the right direction, plus they play in the ACC which is a joke…a big joke. USC will eventually run Lane Kiffen out of there for some violation, it is just a matter of time. Miami? What can we say about them? They are horrible and only getting worse, likely will go on probation too (and another ACC member). That leaves Oregon…let me tell you that he will play there. He will likely start there after a year, will wear a new uniform each week and his offense will be electric. However, i live here, it rains all the time, his parents and friends will never see him play and he will get home sick real fast…..Oh and Chip Kelly will likely be coaching in the pros as well and if that happens all bets are off.

  16. G2 says:

    White, black…. really doesn’t matter but size and speed do. Haven’t seen him play but seems like Powell’s a bit of a tweener at 200lbs. Can he gain 25-30 lbs to get where he needs to be? Rolin already has some size but wonder about the acl issue, looks like a baller to me.

  17. Ben Gator says:

    I never said he CAN’T succeed and I don’t think it is racist to point out that I can’t recall a white LB playing significant minutes for UF in 16 years. Plus our recent track record with guys from the Mid-Atlantic, NE area like Graham Stewart, Brendan Beal, Trip Thurman, and Tommy Jordan hasn’t been good. He certainly looks good on film, but against what level of competition? I will trust Champ and the staff on this one but am disappointed it cost us a FL kid like Powell.

    • Michael Jones says:

      Dude, why don’t you just say “Man, that was a really stupid comment I made. My bad!,” and then move on? The more you try to justify it, the stupider it sounds. And here’s a rule for all of you PC’ers out there: if you would feel uncomfortable saying it about a black, Hispanic, Native American or Asian person, then you probably shouldn’t be saying it about a white person either. There’s no such thing as “reverse discrimination” or “reverse racism.” It’s all just discrimination and racism. period.

    • Michael Jones says:

      And don’t forget Aaron Hernandez, Jordan Reed, Jelani Jenkins and, of course, one of the biggest all time busts, Percy Harvin. Those guys were from that area too and really never did pan out for us. Brainiac.

      • Ben Gator says:

        Hey Brainiac – what do all those guys have in common? How are they different from Graham Stewart, Brendan Beal, Trip Thurman, and Tommy Jordan? See if you can figure it out.

        • Michael Jones says:

          I don’t know, dude, why don’t you tell us? Is it some kind of racial BS again? I thought you were talking about a region of our country. But were you actually talking about players of a certain skin color from a region of our country?? Really?? lol. You’re too much, dude. Is Aaron Hernandez supposed to be black? I see that you have this all down to a science. So tell us, what positions do you approve of black players playing and from which part of the country should we be recruiting them (you never did answer if we should be recruiting any black quarterbacks. . . kind of a tough question, huh?. . I believe by your criteria, as in “When was the last time we had a good black QB?,” the answer to that question is that we should not be recruiting black QB’s, right)? How about Hispanic players? What posiitons should they play and where should they be from? And from what part of the country should we be recruiting white players? And for which positions? Break that all down for us, Belichick. Maybe we haven’t had a good white linebacker in awhile because somebody like you was in charge of recruiting. Ask USC, Penn State, Ohio State, and Boston College, just to name a few, if there are any good white linebackers out there. This is what happens when a dude isn’t man enough to admit he’s wrong and continues trying to defend and indefensible position. Take your beat down and then STFU.

          • Ben Gator says:

            You’re unbelievable. White football players from the mid-Atlantic, northeast traditionally have not done well at UF. There I said it! Send the thought police after me!! And quit telling me to STFU when you were the one who came on here today and started throwing comments around all over the place after everyone else was done. Adam asked everyone to drop it so out of respect for him and the best Gator site out there I am done with this thread.

  18. Walt P says:

    Think we all need to respect the kid decision no matter what it is he’s 18 for goodness sake. Also keep in mind I’m SURE some recruit, parent also read the material on this site. So lets be respectful. Please

  19. 1955Gator says:

    I would rather have who Coach Muschamp wants on the team. There is a lot more to this than rating stars, size, speed or skin color.

  20. producewiz says:

    who cares?They are 17 to 18, white,black ,purple, color doesn’t matter,fas t ,medium, slow.But 1 thint they all have in common,they’re teens.they change their minds on the way to the movie, and I should worry about changing their mind where to play football.Look at the Gators this year, not 1, not of anybody, would have picked 11 and 1.Coaching ,coaching.Urban Meyer, 6-7 team, 1 year of 13 recruits ,and didn’t lose.It’s always the coach.Everything else falls into place when you get a good 1, and I think Will is 1 of the chosedn.

  21. Folks, enough. I’m quite sure the commenter is not a racist despite the tone and content of what he wrote. It was a short-sighted statement and I’m sure he wishes he could take it back. I’m not trying to defend him, but he did write what was his opinion off-the-cuff. I’m just saying, move on. Continuously attacking someone for saying something stupid is just a waste of time. There are more important things to discuss.

    • Ben Gator says:

      Adam, yes, yes, and yes. Thanks. There are more important things to discuss, like the commitment of Demarcus Robinson! Woohoo! Go Gators!

    • Michael Jones says:

      Nice job, Adam, in playing the peace maker and trying to bail this dude out. It would be easier to choke down your “off the cuff” excuse if he’d shut up and stop digging himself a deeper hole by continuously defending his racist remarks. The more he defends them, the less “off the cuff” it becomes. If he really “wishes he could take it back,” then he should. I’m sure you’re the ultimately reasonable man, and every argument needs one, but you ought to let him do his own apologizing. You might be “quite sure” that he’s not a racist despite “the tone and content of what he wrote,” and maybe you know him personally, but we don’t. The “tone and content of what he wrote” is all we have to go by. But, like I said, I’m done. I just can’t stand ignorance, especially when it’s compounded by stubborness.

  22. Eric says:

    Money Talks!

  23. Walt P says:

    Wow Did you really have to ask twice. Sorry Adam. Keep us informed Go Gators

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