FOUR BITS: Pouncey, transfers, SEC Network

By Adam Silverstein
May 28, 2014

1 » Miami Dolphins center Mike Pouncey on Tuesday adamantly stated that he has no regrets for how the 2013 season unfolded and does not believe he needs the NFL-mandated medical evaluation that he will supposedly receive stemming from the Jonathan Martin bullying scandal. But Pouncey’s issues from 2013 went well beyond those headlines. Not only was he seen as a primary offender in the Martin scandal, Pouncey also made news for not only wearing a “Free Hernandez” hat supporting murder suspect and former Florida Gators teammate Aaron Hernandez but refusing to apologize for doing so despite his brother making a concerted effort to say he was sorry. Pouncey was also subpoenaed due to his relationship with Hernandez following his team’s game against the New England Patriots and was forced to miss practice weeks later when he traveled to Massachusetts to testify. Pouncey was even forced to delete his Twitter account after a tweet he sent during the 2014 NFL Draft – joking about the Dolphins’ first-round draft choice (an offensive lineman) getting gifts for the players – showcased his immaturity in regards to the severity of the bullying incident.

As’s James Walker opined in a column that would likely have been written with the same title here, Pouncey, 24, needs to “grow up and become a leader.”

2 » Three-time Pro Bowl C Maurkice Pouncey of the Pittsburgh Steelers is dealing with his own share of issues, but his are stemming from the tearing of multiple knee ligaments in the first game of the 2013 season. Pouncey, who missed the entire campaign (after the first eight snaps), feels 100 percent entering minicamp and appears to be back to form, according to those that have watched the Steelers practice. “No problems at all,” he told’s Scott Brown about his right knee. “I was able to block guys and finish some plays [in practice]. It was pretty awesome. … It was big for my coaches to see it, my teammates to see it, and for me, it was pretty cool.”

3 » According to’s Jon Solomon, the Southeastern Conference is considering ending a league-wide ban on the transfers of graduate students, one which currently restricts fifth- or sixth-year players from joining the conference after graduating from another institution (barring some notable exceptions) with only one year of eligibility remaining. South Carolina has led the charge to overturn the SEC’s rule, which is in contrast to an NCAA rule adopted in 2006 to allow such transfers, primarily because it puts the league at “a little bit of a recruiting disadvantage” and is “contrary to student-athlete welfare and penalizes student-athletes who are successful in the classroom but continue to have a desire to compete during their graduate studies.”

4 » The SEC Network on Wednesday released two renderings of its studio set, which will be seen for the first time when the channel launches on Aug. 14. According to ESPN‘s Stephanie Druley, vice president of production, the set offers “three unique environments,” including “touch screen technology and multiple monitors and lighting which can be changed to colors reflective of the 14 different schools” as well as a “digital scroll” that will provide a “cohesive design” to ensure all 14 members schools are represented on the sets at any given time.

One Comment

  1. Dave Massey says:

    Pittsburgh definitely got the better end of the deal on the Pouncey brothers. Mike is really showing his butt. Ashamed to admit I am a lifelong Fin fan lately. They keep this garbage up and I will definitely switch team allegiance, I have had enough. Not like they have shown any sort of winning tradition lately anyways. Stopped subscribing to Dolphin Digest several years ago and am close to my limit. Adam, please forward this to the Dolphins management, if they have any. What an embarassment and this is from a Gator fan who usually roots for our alumni to do well. Mike can KMA.

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