College Football Playoff Rankings: Are the Florida Gators overrated or underrated?

By Adam Silverstein
November 1, 2016
College Football Playoff Rankings: Are the Florida Gators overrated or underrated?

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The first version of the 2016 College Football Playoff Rankings were released on Tuesday with the SEC East-leading Florida Gators checking in at No. 11, behind one two-loss team and ranked as the fourth SEC team in the top 25.

But before we get to whether Florida is overrated or underrated at that spot, let’s take a look at the top 25.

1. Alabama (8-0)
2. Clemson (8-0)
3. Michigan (8-0)
4. Texas A&M (7-1)

5. Washington (8-0)
6. Ohio State (7-1)
7. Louisville (7-1)
8. Wisconsin (6-2)
9. Auburn (6-2)
10. Nebraska (7-1)
11. Florida (6-1)
12. Penn State (6-2)
13. LSU (5-2)
14. Oklahoma (6-2)
15. Colorado (6-2)
16. Utah (7-2)
17. Baylor (6-1)
18. Oklahoma State (6-2)
19. Virginia Tech (6-2)
20. West Virginia (6-1)
21. North Carolina (6-2)
22. Florida State (5-3)
23. Western Michigan (8-0)
24. Boise State (7-1)
25. Washington State (6-2)

Now comes the question as to whether the Gators’ spot is fair. While Florida has defensively dominated all six of the teams its beaten this season, its lone loss to Tennessee is looking worse by the week with the Volunteers not even in the rankings after having lost three straight games. The Gators also do not have a quality win on the season — against a ranked or highly-regarded opponent — which means they are only being evaluated by the CFP Selection Committee’s eye test.

And it certainly comes as no surprise that anyone watching Florida play would not be thrilled with its offense. And while that’s less than half the game, it’s what most people notice first about a team.

While the Gators may not be in a great spot No. 11, their destiny is in their own hands. With games against Arkansas, South Carolina, No. 13 LSU and — should they advance to the SEC Championship Game — No. 1 Alabama remaining, Florida would be a shoe-in for the playoff should it win out. Suffer another loss and a chance at the national title will be a much more difficult road to plow.

So as to answer the question, are the Gators overrated or underrated? In this edition of the rankings … Florida is just right.


  1. JB says:

    Overrated, but so are Texas A&M and Penn State. LSU probably gets exposed this week, so don’t count on their ranking when we meet. More important is that we still have room to improve this season given the talent and player statuses we have right now.

  2. Michael Jones says:

    I have no problems with UF being 11. If anything, it is generous. Overall I think the committee did a decent job. Agree that Wisconsin and Auburn, even with two losses, are formidable and should be ranked ahead of us, and agree that FSU is probably the best 3 loss team in the country.

    • Gene says:

      Michael Jones, you must be a FSU fan to think that!!!

      • Michael Jones says:

        Yeah, I know. Forget that I’m a UF alum and bleed Orange and Blue. If I act rational in any way in my assessment of FSU’s team, who I can’t stand by the way, and anything short of bat shit crazy whenever the subject comes up, then I must be an FSU fan. Got it.

        Thanks for being a part of Gator Nation. Makes us look smart.

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